Cardboard Red Barn with Silo

Another cardboard project!  We have tons of boxes from our recent move so I am on a roll with cardboard creations.  I was able to complete this little red barn with a silo project in just a couple hours because it didn’t involve any painting.    Cardboard Red Barn and Silo Judi Fox Blog

I used one small cardboard box, a cardboard tube we had laying around, one piece each of white and grey cardstock 12x12, one strip of felt for the roof, a glue gun, a piece of white thick board for the barn floor, and a black and red sharpie marker.  All of the white you see on the barn is white cardstock cut into shapes that I wanted with a box cutter knife, glued onto the red sharpie colored box, and then outlined with a black sharpie marker. 

Cardboard Red Barn with Silo materials to make 8

Here is where I got most of my inspiration.  Joyfully Weary made a great looking “Little Red Cardboard Barn” that has great step by step instructions (involves painting).  For my red barn I just colored the whole box with a red sharpie and the inside of the roof I colored black.  I only did that because I didn’t cut the roof to exactly match the sides of the box – not on purpose :).   

joyfully weary little red cardboard barn

Here are a few more pictures. 

Cardboard Red Barn with Silo 5Cardboard Red Barn with Silo 7Cardboard Red Barn with Silo 4Cardboard Red Barn with Silo 3

I left the top of the silo open and put the left over black felt on the inside so that when the little guy reaches his hand inside he doesn’t end up with a paper cut.  Now he can put things down inside of the silo.  The bottom is also open so he can then lift the whole unit up and what ever is in the silo will fall out. 

For the barn floor, I cut off one set of the cardboard box closing flaps.  It helps the barn sit more even on the ground.  I then cut a piece of thick cardstock and glued it to the two bottom flaps that were left.  And voila…. a little red barn and silo. 

Hope this helps inspire someone else.  Lots of Love – Judi

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  1. Oh my gosh. I think I might have to make one of these. My daughter just loves farm animals. She would love this!

  2. Judi Fox says:

    Alicia that is great that you daughter might love this! Let me know how it turns out or come back and share a picture. :)

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