Resume Visual Inspiration - Strong Action Verbs

What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I really enjoy editing resume’s.  I just love crafting sentences to capture someone’s strengths.

As I was searching for the right action verbs recently, I came across this list of strong action verbs for resume writing.  It is great how they organized the verbs into categories.  But what I really wanted was to be visually inspired by action verbs.  Which led me to

Hope you enjoy the strong action verb inspiration image for your own Resume Remodel.   

    strong action verb list for resumes and cover letters

The original list is at:

You can see these strong action verbs in "action" on Jessica's Before and After Resume Remodel.

Don't hesitate to contact me at if you would be interested in having me review, edit, and remodel your resume.  Thank you!

As a side note, wordle is really easy to use and they offer many color choices.  I really wanted to use my own colors for this project so I found an image on Pinterest and captured the HTML color codes with Instant Eyedropper.

  Capture web color codes with instant eyedropper pinterest images





Image color inspiration credit goes to Design Seeds

She shares amazing images with beautiful colors.

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  1. choosing the right words are always very important so make sure you choose the words which suits you and your skills and enhance them to make the impact over recruiters.

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  2. AlliFerg says:

    Hahahahahah this is too funny! I would also choose resume editor as my dream career. It is really fun to bring polish and a sense of cohesiveness to a document. I've edited about 20 friends resumes over the years and it never gets old :)

  3. Judi Fox says:

    Thanks Alli for the comment. It is nice to know I am not the only one ;) Glad to find you in the blogging world. Looking forward to seeing how your kitchen turns out!

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