Environmental Air Permitting Records

Navigating each State’s Environmental Agency records online isn’t always intuitive, but hopefully this post will make it easier for someone.   

Below I have attached links and tips for finding air permitting records online.  I was pleased to find that there are only 7 states without online links to air permits (Nevada, New Mexico, Kansas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Maryland, and Hawaii – plus the District of Columbia).  

It is great to know that interested parties can find a significant amount of records online, but keep in mind that the quality and quantity of air permitting paperwork ranges significantly from state to state.  The good news is that online records can help narrow FOIA’s (Freedom of Information Act Requests) and help you get to specific facility information faster.

If you aren’t sure where to start or you want to locate specific industry facilities in each state or zip code… you can try either the Air Emission Sources “Where You Live” or the US EPA Where You Live Website.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or send an email to Judiwfox@gmail.com if you have any comments or questions.  Also let me know if something needs corrected.  The blog post has already been updated to add Kentucky’s records management system.  Recommended updates are greatly appreciated.     
State EPA Website with permits available online (updated
*Map Update – Kentucky has online records.

Please note:  The following links and state environmental agency research was conducted during 2013.  It is possible that links may expire and state records management online systems may change.  Please use this data to assist your online researching needs, but make sure to conduct any additional research necessary for your project needs.  Thank you!

Alabama – eFile Link

ADEM Alabama Department of Environmental Management efile air permits

Alaska Division of Air quality Air permits

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality - ADEQ - Air Permits Title V

US EPA – Region 6 South Central – Arkansas Air Permits

Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Air Permits

California – Air District Links

California is slightly different than most states.  Each county air district maintains a website for their air permitting department.  Unfortunately, not all of the air districts have available online air permits.  Above is a link to a map with each of the county air districts represented.  Here are few more links below to help get you started.

California Air Resources Board - Air Permitting

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Title V Operating Permits

Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Title V Operating Permit Program

Online File Management System - DocFinity

State of Delaware Environmental Databases - Air Quality Management Facility Files

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Air Permit Documents Search

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division Air Protection Branch

Hawaii (Permits Not Available Online) – Clean Air Branch

Hawaii Department of Health Clean Air Branch Air Permits not online

Idaho department of environmental quality current permits issued by DEQ air permits

Region 5: Air Radiation – Illinois Permit Database

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Bureau of Air Permit Programs Title V

Indiana Environmental IDEM Pending and Issued Air Permits

Iowa Departent of Natural Resources Draft and File Operating Permits Title V

Kansas (Permits Not Available Online) – Air Permit Public Notices

Kansas Department of Health and Environment Air Permit Public Notices

Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection Air Permits

*Correction – Original post listed Kentucky as records only available through a FOIA Open Records request.  However, Kentucky does have files available online for searching including air permits.  Thanks for the feedback!

EPA Region 6: South Central – Operating Permit Timeline

DEQ Louisiana Part 70 Title V Permits

DEQ Louisiana Document Search Air Permits Online Records

Maine Department of Environmental Protection Air Quality Air Permits

Maryland (Permits Not Available Online) – Air & Radiation Permits

Maryland Department of Environment Air and Radiation Permits

Massachusettes Facilities with operating permits Title V air permits

Michigan – Air Permits System

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality DEQ  Air Permits system

Minnesota – Air Permits Issued

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Issued Air Permits

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality ensearch online air permits

Missouri Department of Natural Resources Air Operating Permits

Montana – Air Quality Permits

Montana Government Air Quality Permits

Navigate to the Page by clicking on Public Notices or Request Public Records (on the right column) - Limited to Public Notice and Files after 2011

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality Public Records Air Permits

Nevada (Permits Not Available Online) – Air Quality Permitting

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Bureau of Air Pollution Control

New Hampshire Department of Environmental One stop search air permits
New Hampshire Department of Environmental Current Title V Sources

Navigate to Page by clicking on “Approved Operating Permits”

State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection AQPP Air Quality Permitting Program

New Mexico (Permits Not Available Online) – Air Quality Bureau

Region 6: South Central – Operating Permit Timeline

New Mexico Environment Department Air Quality Bureau

New York – DEC Air Permits

New York Department of Environmental Conservation Air Permits

North Carolina – Division of Air Quality

North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources Air Quality

North Dakota – Air Quality Permitting

North Dakota Department of Health Air Quality

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Issued Air Permits

Oklahoma – Air Permits

Region 6: South Central – Operating Permit Timeline

Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality Air Quality

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Air Permits

Pennsylvania (Permits Not Available Online) – 

Contact the Air Quality Regions and search eFACTS for Facility or Emissions

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Air Operating Permits

PADEP Pennsylvania Air Permitting Environmental Efacts Database

Rhode Island – Operating Permits

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management Air Operating Permits

South Carolina (Permits Not Available Online) – Air Quality

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Air Quality Permits

South Dakota – Title V Air Quality Permits

South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources Title V Air Quality Permits

Tennessee – Air Permit Dataviewers

Tennessee TDEC Department of Environment and Conservation Air Permitting Dataviewer

Region 6: South Central – Operating Permit Timeline

TCEQ Texas Commission of Environmental Quality Status of Air Permits and Applications

Utah Department of Environmental Quality Division of Air Quality Title V Operating Permits Issued

Vermont Environmental Air Quality and Climate Division Permit to Operate

Virginia DEQ Department of Environmental Quality Issued Title V Permits

Washington – Air Operating Permits

Washington State Department of Ecology Air Quality Operating Permits

West Virginia – Division of Air Quality

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Title V Permits

Wisconsin – Air Permits - Search for a Permit

Wisconsin DNR Department of Natural Resources Search for an Air Permit

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality Title V Operating Permits Issued

Last but not least, I included the District of Columbia.

District of Columbia (Permits Not Available Online) – Air Permits

District of Columbia Department of the Environment Air Pollution Permit

This was a fun project to put together, research all the websites, capture website images, and create the post.  As I mentioned above let me know if you have any questions and if I can assist your needs related to air permitting.  Thanks, Judi Fox 

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  1. I work in the Environmental Consulting industry too and am always in need of researching air permits. You have literally saved me hours of research! Thank goodness for this blog post! Really helped me and my team out a lot.

  2. Judi Fox says:

    Thanks Rhiannon for the comment. I am so glad I was able to help you and your team. I love sharing these kinds of posts and tips. I have been using this page myself to do air permitting research. Glad I was able to share something helpful and thank you for connecting on LinkedIn. :)

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