Solving the Puzzle

- Do you keep a list of things to do in your head?
- Do you write that list on paper and try to organize it?
- Do you want to take action and get things done? 

Organizing your life is like putting a puzzle together.  First we have to get all the pieces out of the box.  Then we organize, flip pieces to show the picture, and pull out the edges. We work on the boundary and then sort the rest into logical piles like the sky, trees, grass, objects, and people.  We sometimes create sub-piles to break larger tasks into smaller ones like sorting out dark blue sky from the light blue sky.  We share responsibility with others to solve puzzle sections.  Finally, we reference the picture as we put the pieces together.

However, life is more complicated than just one puzzle.  We are solving multiple puzzle pictures all at the same time.  While interacting with many different people to solve puzzle sections.  Sometimes all of the puzzle pieces can get mixed inside our heads. 

This video (below) was developed to demonstrate this idea.  Hopefully this concept will help you get the pieces into place.  It also helps to know that the puzzles we are solving - turn into very beautiful pictures (i.e. your life).

The flow chart mentioned in the video.

Recommended books and authors that help inspire organization and life motivation.  
Inspiration for the "Putting your Bucket List into Action" Class was from the Bucket List series from DRCC (Damascus Road Community Church).  You can listen to the series online at:

Sroll down on the DRCC Message Library list, find "The Bucket List Part 1, 9-19-2010", and click Play.

The Bucket List Series is very inspirational.  It helped motivate creating this website, bucket list, and life purpose.


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