Turn off the "stuff" faucet

It is easy for stuff to flood our lives. The emails, phone calls, paperwork, errands, etc... it feels like a never ending flow of stuff.

Like a clogged drain, stuff can quickly overfill our lives when more to do's are coming IN than going out.  If left unchecked, the stuff keeps coming in and starts negatively saturating our lives.  It starts overflowing into our relationships, work, and health - causing strain and stress.

Just like water overflowing out of a clogged sink, we can implement the same steps to jump in and fix the situation: 

  1. Turn off the faucet - Limit the amount of stuff coming IN.
  2. Unclog the drain - Decide what to do with the stuff there now.
  3. Install prevention - Organize and take action on what comes IN next.
The flow chart below is a tool to help you organize and take action to prevent stuff from clogging your life.


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