Know your Strengths

What are your weaknesses?    
What are your top 5 strengths?  
    Was the first question easier to answer?  

    That is because we sometimes pick at our weaknesses.  Our weaknesses are like scabs, if we keep picking at them they won't heal or they can leave us with a scar.  We should leave our weaknesses alone or least minimize picking.

    So why don't we know our own strengths?  We might be overlooking or ignoring our strengths because we think it is just how we naturally operate in life.  You contain a unique combination of qualities.  Focusing and nurturing your strongest qualities allows you to thrive and succeed.

    Knowing your strengths can change your life.  You can make choices at work, home, or school that highlight your strengths.  You can confidently move towards goals along a path that works naturally for you.

    Ultimately knowing your strengths will improve personal development, career and personal success, and it will create sustainable individuals and organizations. 

    A strength test is offered online to help you determine your top 5 strengths from the above list, click here to purchase the book to get your internet test code.


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    1. This is a great post. I like how you said that to know our strengths also means to know that we are unique in this world. Looking at it from a spiritual perspective, this knowledge of self also allows us to seek out that purpose which God intended specifically for us as we were created. What a blessing and cause for joyful thanksgiving to know your strengths!

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