Adding the color "Green"

Credit:  Chicago Tribune By Kristyn Schiavone

We have white and blue collar jobs, but a new phrase called "green" collar jobs is developing.  A new Green Jobs Initiative tracks "green" collar workers who:

  • Produce goods or services that benefit the environment 
  • Manage production to use less natural resources and operate environmental friendly companies
"Green" collar workers pair scientific and technical knowledge with business acumen, to relay green initiatives to upper management. (NAEM - National Association of Environmental Managers)

Even if we don't have a "green" collar job we can each make a difference for the environment.  Some actions we can take:

  • Donate - Goodwill, Salvation Army, Freecycle

 Hopefully, we can mix some "green" into our personal and professional lives.

* Note - The pictures link to the websites.


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