Stop Barking Guide

Stop barking guide based on Cesar Millan and The Humane SocietyWe have a dog barking problem and we need a PLAN ASAP.  So today I created a one page guide to put on our fridge.  That way my husband and I can both follow it and hopefully get this barking under control. 

The PDF “Stop Barking Guide” is a compilation of advice from Cesar Millan’s Article 5 Tips for handling nuisance barking, Dog Barking 101,, and the Humane Society.

{You can click on the picture to get the PDF document}

Each dog is different and individual owners have to figure out what is the trigger / cause of the barking problem. 

Even when our dog goes on long walks and gets out her energy, she still has a barking problem.  We are crossing our fingers that implementing this guide will help us get her barking under control.  I will report back in a couple of weeks if this has helped.
Lots of Love – Judi
PS – Here are instructions for “How to share a PDF File” on your blog.
And just in case you missed it above – here is the direct link to the PDF “Stop Barking Guide”.  Hopefully this guide can help someone else with a dog barking issue.  :)

UPDATE – April 2, 2013 – We have been following the instructions on this guide for a little less than a month AND we have made some progress with the barking.  She doesn’t bark as much when someone comes to the door and a couple of times all she did was growl to let us know someone was approaching the house, but she didn’t bark like crazy!  YEAH for progress.
The thing that helped the most was the “Drop an Object” action.  We put some loose change in the bottom of a couple empty plastic water bottles and then dropped them or knocked them over “accidently” when she would start barking.  We still have a little ways to go until she is completely under control, but at least when Isaac is sleeping we can get her under control and her barking is not as much of a problem.

Stop Barking Guide

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